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Hockey Canada Modified-Ice Hockey - General

As everyone has been advised earlier, hockey programs across Canada are now on modified ice (see figures below) for players 8 years old and younger.   At HHMH we have at the U7 to U9 divisions a fully developed Modified-Ice Program for 4, 5, and 6 year old players for 7 to 8 year old players, a similar Modified-Ice Program. 

Click here to see what two-time Olympic gold medalist, the only coach in the IIHF Triple Gold Club and a proponent of half-ice hockey, Mike Babcock says about the importance of added puck touches, the need for games on the smaller ice to advance skills, and the challenges of embracing change and reinventing the game at the grassroots to maximize development.

Below is an info graphic outlining how the U9 and below seasons should run.  However, depending on centre size and details, modifications may be possible.  Again, details will be revealed as the season progresses. 


U6 - cross ice play
U8 - half ice play
U9 - half ice for first half of season, full ice rest of season


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The House League Stream

The House League programs consists of different components:

Hockey Initiation Program (U7)

This is for as young as 4 year old players up to and including 6 year old players.  To be part of the program you must be as young as 4 or as old as 6 in the year that the season starts. (E.g. for the 2023-2024 season you would have to be 4, 5, or 6 in 2023).

House League Hockey

This is a basic House League which starts at age 7 for U8 (Modified-Ice) then 8 years old for U9 (Modified/Full-Ice), then carries on up to U21 age.  It consists of usually one game a week with about 10 practices a year depending on the age group.

Rostered Select Hockey

This is in addition (at additional cost) to the House League games and practices offered through basic registration.  This becomes a travel hockey team that can play extra exhibition games and tournaments throughout the year.  This team is picked via a tryout process in September.  It would consist of 17-18 players (including goalies) which, during normal House League schedule, would be divided up on separate teams to ensure a balance of skill on each house league team. 

The additional fees cover Ice Times, Referees, Timekeepers and Insurance. Individual Teams may request additional Fees from each Player for the Team fund; this amount will depend on Team Fundraising Activities, and is used to cover Tournaments, Extra Ice and other Hockey Development Programs that are implemented.

Select Teams can play up to 3 exhibition games per month during the season and can participate in a limited amount of tournaments.

The Select Program is designed to augment the House League Program for the Players selected and therefore players must be registered and play as House League Players. 

The Representative (Rep) Hockey Stream

Representative (Rep) Hockey is the highest level of hockey that can be played within HHMH.  HHMH is an AA centre with 3 divisions within the rep program AA/A/BB.  Rep Hockey consists of home and away (travel) games, development program for goaltenders and players, tournaments and play-offs. 

The Rep team is a “tryout format” in which players/parents must previously register with HHMH to be eligible to participate and purchase a tryout card.

Representative Hockey is a great way to build a young player’s skill level, work ethic and team work while creating new friendships and having fun!

Note: Body contact is added to the Rep game starting with the U14 year.