Frequently Asked Questions (Halton Hills Minor Hockey)

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration commence for the hockey season?

Registration will begin mid March.  Check the HHMH website for details and News Articles announcing when Registration is open.


Is there a family discount?

No. Players are assessed fees on an individual basis.

Can I postdate my cheque?
Payments may be deferred to August 15 if paying in cash, cheque (post dated), or e-transfer for players not attending Spring tryouts.  Credit card payments cannot be accepted after registration.  If using a credit card, payment is immediate upon registration.


Can I register in person?

HHMH and the OMHA requires everyone to register online using the Hockey Canada Registry.  Find the link on the Registration General page.   

How do I know my registration is confirmed?

When you submit your registration form on line, you will receive a receipt via email.  It is recommended you print the receipt and keep it for your records. If you have entered a valid email address (and your computer security settings allow cookies) during registration, you should also receive an email confirmation.



What levels of hockey are available?

The levels of hockey are as follows:

1. Mini Thunder (Initiation Program)
House League

3.  Select (exhibition travel team from House League) U10 to U16 ages
4.  U7, U8, U9 MD (Junior Thunder)

4.  Representative (Rep): Divisions at HHMH are AA, A, and BB

More information may be found via the main menu under Programs, in particular, the Hockey Streams page.


When are Rep and Select tryouts?

Please check the Registration General page and keep an eye on the homepage for newsfeeds announcing tryouts and new season information.


When does the hockey season start?

Typically in September.  

When will my child play?

House league registrants usually play one game per week.  Schedules will be posted on the HHMH website.  Each team has their own webpage on the HHMH site, accessible throughout the year.  You can also subscribe to the calendar to autofill your own personal calendar on your home computer or mobile device.


When does my child practice?

House League registrants practice at a variety of times on a rotating basis.  Practices are shared with another house league team.  Check the HHMH website for schedule closer to season start.  You can also subscribe to the calendar to auto-fill your own personal calendar on your home computer or mobile device.


Can I specify a certain house league coach that I want my child to play for?

Unfortunately, with a registration base of over 1500 participants it has become impossible to accommodate special requests.  Therefore, if you are coaching you can ensure your own child is on your team.


Can I request that my child play with his friend ?

Again, it is almost impossible to accommodate all requests, but we will make an attempt. Please request in writing  to the League Convenor and they will try to accommodate the request.

My child wants to be a full time goalie - does he/she get to play a full game each week?

If there is only 1 goalie, yes your child would get a full game each week. If there are 2 goalies per team, the we (HHMH) may move one goalie to a team that is in need of a goalie. House-league full time goalies ( played all games, not rotating) will receive a $200.00 rebate at the end of the season. In order to receive the rebate, the goalie must have played a full season as a goaltender, and if any goalie equipment was borrowed  it must be returned at the end of the season (weekend of champs)

What documentation do I need if I want to coach or be a trainer?

All coaches and trainers staff must have completed the Respect in Sport-Activity Leader. Gender expression course, Rowen's Law Acknowledgement, have a valid police check/vulnerable sector screen and various courses, clinics depending on age and level of child coaching. 

Coaches and trainers are now required to attend clinics sponsored by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.  For information on what is required and where to attend these clinics go to  More information is on our Coaches Corner page under Resources from the main menu.  (look for Coaching/Staff Qualifications link)


Also, the OMHA requires a Criminal Reference Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening (Police Check) which can be obtained on line. This process can take about 7 weeks for results. See the Coaches Corner or Volunteers pages for details. 


Where can I sign up to be a coach or trainer? 

Coaching applications can be filled in our website.  For House League, go to the House League Home or Coaches Corner page.  For Select go to the Select Home page (both found under “Programs” on the main menu).  Rep applications are solicited usually early in the new year for the following season.  Trainers are usually picked by the head coaches but we are always looking for volunteers and trainers at large.  Check out our Volunteers section from the main menu under “About Us”.


What is the Mini Thunder (Initiation Program)?

For players aged 4-6 inclusive, HHMH has successfully implemented a comprehensive program based on Hockey Canada's modified ice program.  For more information, access the link to Mini Thunder via the main page.  Schedule for this program is accessible via the HHMH website under the appropriate team/group your child is placed on.  You can expect a hockey school program on Saturdays with game days on Sundays.

Is there a league specifically for girls?

Yes there is.  Click The North Halton Twisters for more information.

Where can I get a permission to skate form for the Halton Hurricanes AAA team?

You must have registered with Halton Hills Minor Hockey prior to receiving a permission to skate form.  More information and link for the Permission to Skate form can be found on the Registration General page. .


What address do I use if I am moving to Halton Hills?

Contact our registrar, Geraldine Hardcastle at [email protected].


Can I be reimbursed fees?
As per our Refund Policy found on our website.  See Registration General page for links.

What equipment does my child require?
Click Ontario Hockey Federation required equipment to see a list of what your child requires.  Also, mouth guards are required by the OMHA.  If you and your child are new to hockey and unsure on what/how the equipment should fit, please see the video at the end of the webpage from the OMHA Trainer Resources.  Also, visit our Parents page for more useful information.

NOTE: HHMH supplies socks and jersey's for all House League players.  Rep and Select jersey's and socks are either purchased or sponsored.


Geraldine Hardcastle  ([email protected]) ;

Phone (905) 873-1600