Refund Policy (Halton Hills Minor Hockey)

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Halton Hills Minor Hockey Refund Policy

Effective March 2024


To establish a process for refunding players their hockey fees upon request.

A lot of factors will come into play regarding refunds.

HHMH pays hockey insurance for all members, we have administration fees, uniform costs, league fees and ice costs, etc. Most of these fees are paid upfront which means we won’t have these expenses returned to us and therefore we won’t be able to return those funds to you.

We recognize that there are circumstances when a refund will be requested. These requests must be made through the HHMH website. Parents are directed to the following link; Refund Form.

Refund requests are approved by the VP of Administration.

Policy Guidelines:

Registration Fee Refunds

The following are guidelines for refunds that are accepted and what amount or percentage
would be returned:

 Withdrawal from program requested two
weeks prior to the start of the season (Rep
or HL)
 Registration fees less administration fee of
 Voluntary withdrawal - Once rostered and
have been on ice – REP or HL
 REP or HL - No refund of registration fee
will be given.

REP – No refund will be considered unless
there is a replacement player for the team.

The replacement player would pay for the
balance of the season and therefore the
refund to the player leaving would be
based on the activities they have not
participated in for the season up to, and no
more than the replacement player fee

This is applicable to all levels.
 Request for registration fee refunds made
prior to October 30th, due to illness or
injury, that results in a player missing the
entirety of the remainder of the season will
be determined by the Board, VP of
Administration, or in conjunction with the
appropriate VP and Parent Liaison. All such
refund requests will require a doctor’s
note, provided, and paid for by the family
that states the player cannot participate in
organized hockey for the remainder of the
 The Board will review on a case-by-case
basis and may approve a prorated credit
less the administration fee and insurance
fee, to be applied to the player’s account
for the following season.
 Refund of registration fees if entire season
is cancelled prior to the start of program.
 If it is deemed by HHMH, Town of Halton
Hills, Halton Public Health, OMHA, OHF or
Hockey Canada, that it is unsafe to proceed,
and our entire season is cancelled (example
due to pandemic), all registration fees will
be refunded within 60 days apart from the
administration fee of $50 and uniform
(jersey/sock) costs if applicable.

No registration fee refunds will be given due to suspensions or any other contravention of the association’s code of conduct that results in the player being barred from playing by the association, the OMHA, the OHF and/or the referee’s association regardless of the date of the request.

If there is a false completion screening due to protocol, there is no refund.

REP Refunds

The following guidelines are also noted in the HHMH REP Team Finance Policy.

All refunds are handled by the team with the player. If there is assistance needed with calculating amounts between teams or the amount to be refunded, please contact the Treasurer or VP of Administration.

When there are player changes to a team due to one of the following reasons;
1. The Player is moved up to another team due to changes.
2. The Player does not continue with team due to injury.

The following guidelines for the team apply;
1. U10 – U18: If the change happens before October 30th – only if there is a replacement player, amount is calculated based on activities not participated, less $50 administration fee and $50 insurance fee
2. U7-U9: If change happens before December 1st – only if there is a replacement player, amount is calculated based on activities not participated, less $50 administration fee and $50 insurance fee
3. If Player injury is reason for leaving, prorated based on medical reason and team activity completed to date.

Player’s sponsorship to original team of season before change;
1. If the change happens before September 15th – sponsorship can move with player IF arrangements for team advertising have not been made (ie. Sponsorship bars, banner, etc)
2. If change happens after September 15th – sponsorship stays with original team of season before change.

Coaches can replace the player with the assistance and approval of the Director of Operations or Director of Rep. If the coach decides not to replace the player, with approval from Director of Operations, and to refund the player leaving, the costs of the team are to be covered by the remaining members and/or additional fundraising initiatives.Halton Hills Minor Hockey