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Current Fundraisers

For Current Fundraising Activity, team can advertise their fundraisers on the Fundraiser Events Team Website.  This can be found on the left side under Other League Sites from the Home page.  Each manager will be given access to this site to post their fundraisers.  It will be monitored and any advertising deemed  inappropriate or against policy will be removed and applicable team notified. 

Encourage your team families to go to the Fundraiser Events Team Page and view other fundraising initiatives to support your Thunder Teams!  If you want help uploading "flyers" or pictures, please email [email protected].


fundstar.pngWith fundraising as a requirement to participate in certain activities throughout the season, it is important that we consider the future of Minor Hockey and keep the great sport as affordable as possible for as many as possible.   Please click the link below to download and view the 2018-2019 Fundraising Policies and Guidelines.  Further policies are outlined below. 


(must download to use PDF fillable)

Bottle Drives

bottledrive.jpgTeam Bottle Drives are to be booked through the online Fundraising Request form and will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis. The Beer Store has limited space and for the time being, we have not been given permission to hold 'group' Beer Store drives at the Georgetown location. 

Bottle Drive Dates Provided (ACTON LOCATION ONLY). Strike-outs are taken.

July 14
July 21
July 28
Aug 25
Sep 8
Sep 15
Sep 22
Sep 29
Oct 13
Oct 20 (Select Teams Only)
Oct 27 (Select Teams Only)
Nov 3
Nov 10 (Select Teams Only)
Nov 17 (Select Teams Only)
Nov 24 (Select Teams Only)

'Personal' bottle drives are also permitted with no restrictions on dates (where team members solicit friends and relatives over a period of time and return the empties themselves with the funds going to the team). 

Team fundraising coordinator must use the online Fundraising Request form to get approval from the Director of Fundraising before starting.



Fundraising: HHMH is not a registered charity. HHMH is a non-profit organization that is exempt from corporate federal income tax pursuant to paragraph 149(1)(I) of the Income Tax Act. Any team fundraising efforts should disclose the status of HHMH. HHMH is an association organized to:


  • organize, develop and promote minor ice hockey for the youth of the Town of Halton Hills;
  • providing opportunity for all eligible individuals to participate in recreational house league ice hockey and to provide community based programs which allow a player to participate in an environment for fun, physical exercise and fair play;
  • provide opportunities to further develop and participate in Select and Representative ice hockey to participate at the highest competitive level;
  • HHMH shall be operated without the purpose of pecuniary gain to any of the Members and any surplus or accretions of the Association shall be used solely for the purposes of the Association and for the promotion of its objects.

HHMH will not issue charitable donation receipts for any fundraising activities. (Teams may choose to issue receipts for sponsorships of $500 or greater. These are not official tax receipts. They are business expenses.)

Team fundraising events must not represent a Team of HHMH as a charitable organization and no representation can be made regarding the tax deductibility of funds contributed for personal/corporate purposes (with the exception of sponsorships).

All fundraising requests must be submitted to HHMH, Director of Fundraising using the form on the HHMH website.

No fundraising activities are to begin until they are approved by HHMH, Director of Fundraising.

No fundraising activities will be approved until all the teams have concluded the initial parent meetings.

Any fundraising activities that require the use of the HHMH Thunder logo require the additional approval of the HHMH VP, Administration.

All raffles require a license from the Town of Halton Hills. See the document in the GENERAL Section above for further information.  Actual alcohol is not permitted to be a raffle prize, as there are no age restrictions for buying raffle tickets and a minor could win the alcohol. Gift cards for alcohol are permitted, as a minor would not be able to 'spend' a gift card for alcohol without proper identification. Alcohol logos are not permitted on raffle tickets.

All communications relating to advertising your fundraising activity to your audience must comply with Canada's Anti Spam Legislation introduced in 2014. See the document in the GENERAL section above for further information.

No HHMH Rep or Select team may approach sponsors identified by HHMH as a House League Sponsor.

Any team found to be conducting an unauthorized fundraiser may forfeit their HHMH deposit.

Fundraising is considered a team activity and is not to be tallied individually. All players/parents are expected to participate in team fundraising. Managers reserve the right to request minimum participation (or contribution in lieu thereof) for fundraising activities.

The remaining proceeds of any unused team fundraising up to team budget must be returned equally to parents.

Corporate Donors: Corporate donors should not be referred to as team sponsors. The team sponsor has paid to have their company name on the team Banner or sweater and for the privilege of being called the Team Sponsor. Any team receiving Corporate Donations requires the approval of the HHMH Director of sponsorship under no circumstances will a request be approved if there is a conflict with any HHMH Sponsor. A banner can be produced as a fundraiser to include any corporate Sponsors logos or Information. This banner must include the team sponsors logo/info in the center of the banner.


No Fundraising will be approved unless requested via the Fundraising Request Form (below).

Form for 2018-2019


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