Advanced League Q_A (Halton Hills Minor Hockey)

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Q: Can a player try out for Advanced League from another center?

A: Whether participating in the full-time or part-time stream within the Advanced League, players from other centers are eligible to tryout with Halton Hills Minor Hockey. Although there are no boundary restrictions for players/goalies within the Advanced League, it is important to note; players from Associations outside of Halton Hills Minor will not be eligible to be called up to a Representative team due to the residency boundary rules in the Representative program.

Residency boundary policy as per OMHA can be found in the OMHA Manual of Operations

Q: Do you need to register and pay for House League, or do you just wait to register and pay for Advanced League?

A: No matter which program you are enrolling in or playing for, all HHMH members must pay the base registration membership fee (House League Cost) before tryouts. For players selected for Rep and Advanced League hockey teams, the base registration fee is not refunded as it is built into the Rep and AL fees. Those who are not selected for a team within the Advanced League continue with House League and no further payment is required.

HHMH refund policies can be found here.

HHMH registration is now open and can be found here.

Q: Can a player who makes an Advanced League team, play for another team or another association?

A: No, a player within a minor hockey association can only play for one team, except for the Select program. In Select, where players participate in House League and form a separate Select team, all of this must occur within the same association.

Q: When are tryouts for the Advanced League?

A: Tryouts for the Advanced League will take place in the Fall for the 2024-2025 season. More information will be sent out late summer, so please check out website and social media for more details.

Q: What game jerseys do the Advanced League teams wear?

A: The Advanced League teams will wear the same jerseys as the Rep teams (White, Black and an optional 3rd jersey)

Q: How many games will the Advanced “full time” teams play?”

A: Season overview:

·      The regular season will begin end of Oct/start of November.

·      Full time teams will play approx. 4 pre-season exhibition games prior to the start of the regular season.

·      Full time teams will play 24 regular season games.

·      Full time teams are allowed up to 3 regular season tournaments, 1 Christmas and 1 March Break tournament if the team      chooses.

Q: What is the difference between full time teams and part time teams?

A: Full time teams will play as a designated team in the Advanced League (the teams do not play both HL and Select)

Part time teams will play in both the Advanced League and on their HHMH House League team, following the OMHA select game policy (max games allowed per month).

Q: Will HHMH still have Select teams PT teams?

A: Where HHMH is not able to roster a full-time team, a part time (select team) will be considered. For the upcoming season, U10 (only), it is planned to enter U10 into the Advanced League as a part-time (select) team. *subject to change

Q: Will HHMH enter a team in the Advanced League in every age group?

A: It is planned where there are enough participants to have a full time in all single birth years except for U10 (part time). In the event we need to enter a two birth year team due to not having enough players in a single birth year, we will to allow the players the opportunity to play.