COVID19 (Halton Hills Minor Hockey)


Summary of Changes

This is a living document. Check back often for updates

Sept 20, 2020

  • Updated Safe Return to Hockey Document
  • Updated evaluation skate eligibility to possibly accomodate new players to the IP Program.

Sept 16, 2020

  • Updated to reflect Town of HH Facilities. Only one bench staff (coach) allowed on the bench during games.
  • Update to reflect Town of HH Facilities.  8 players and 1 goalie maximum for games.
October 4, 2020
  • Signup for Stage 2 closed (Sept 25).  Waitlist form added.

  • Hockey has returned… But it will look a little different.

    COVID 19 has affected us all.  First off, we hope that everyone is staying safe and happy as we face challenges that this pandemic has presented.  It goes without saying that everything related is a moving target and for every answer that is found, it produces two more questions.  Safely returning to hockey is not immune to this and we have faced many complications to the ever-changing landscape.

    HHMH volunteers have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure a safe, fun, affordable return to hockey.  Run by volunteers, we have had many meetings, have come up with numerous plans and have now framed a return to hockey plan.  This has included many questions to the MHA, collaboration of ideas with other centres and input from Coaches and other Volunteers.  

    FIGURE 1


    Figure 1

    Referencing Figure 1, we are currently under Stage 3B and further, will be into Stage 3C*.  Before we get into details, let’s get one thing clear- Hockey is not the same as you are used to.  It is unknown when hockey will get back to what we are used to.  We are encouraging all HHMH members to “embrace the suck” and make the priority safe, fun hockey for the participants.  This is the new normal.  

    The high-level plan, already in motion is as follows:

    1. Registration is open to all players.
    2. There are no fees to be paid up front during Registration save a $5 admin fee
    3. Programs will be “pay as you go” and require sign up.**
    4. We have ice booked to the end of December right now.
    5. Stage 1 at HHMH which follows OMHA’s plan, is to have 4 weeks of on ice development type skates.
    6. Stage 2 will then commence after the 4 weeks of development skates, which will take us to the end of December with a 3 on 3 or a 4 on 4 style type of hockey with no more than 10 players per team.  How play will look past December is yet to be determined as it is too early to tell.
    7. The game play in Stage 2 will consist of a cohort of no more than 50 other players and competitively balanced at the same time considering future possibility of some form of travel to scrimmage with other centres.*  There is no crossover/skipping to other cohorts once formed.
    8. As per OMHA guidelines/rules, cohorts are formed using last year’s rosters as per OMHA and if there is any movement required (on an as needed basis only) will be done with a move “up”.
    9. All play is restricted to Town of Halton Hills (community) which will adhere to all Town of Halton Hills, OHF (which includes OMHA), and Provincial safety standards and mandates.*

    * Stage 3 in Figure 1 references between Public Health Unit (PHU).  HHMH is remaining “community based” at this time and will investigate further into travel between PHU’s for after December.  This obviously is too early to predict and will be decided taking in a multitude of factors.  If travel commences between PHUs, Rep players only will be permitted to travel.

    ** Note: Registration and Sign-up are TWO distinct requirements.  Registration is completed as you have done any other year previous.  However, due to COVID, after registration you MUST sign up separately for each stage via our website until further notice. (Registration allows you to be eligible to sign up.)  If you provided a valid email AND opted in for emails from HHMH during Registration, you will get notifications via email.  If you feel you should be on this list and have not received emails, please email [email protected] and provide a valid email.

    So where does that put us now?  Details as follows:

    Hockey is Different, Don’t Kid Yourself.
    These are remarkable times!  Together we must make the best of the situation for our children.  Let’s focus on the joy of playing hockey and the excitement it brings your child and not on how things “used to be.”  This pandemic has also taught us that everything is very fluid.  Hockey may be one thing today, and good or bad, something totally different tomorrow. 

    A. OMHA Phase 2-Stage 3B Return to Practice and Play and Registration (Stage 1 HHMH)
    This is where we are now. (Referred to as Stage 1 at HHMH).  Sign up has been completed and players have been placed in ‘groups’ for the skates.  We did our best with discussion with coaches to place everyone in similar skill levels based on where you played last year.  However, we did have to move some players around in order to accommodate as many players as possible.  This stage was open to all players from all levels, including house league from U8 to U18.  Initiation Program and U21 will commence in December.

    This program will run from Sept 21 to Oct 18 which will include 1 hour of ice time a week for 4 weeks.

    B. OMHA Phase 2-Stage 3C Return to Practice and Play (Stage 2 HHMH)
    This stage will commence October 17 and run to December 21.  It includes all players from Initiation Program to U21.  As there were no tryouts due to COVID, the cohorts will be built based on where you played last year.  For previously rostered Rep players (including AAA players who wish to stay in Halton Hills), will play in a Rep cohort and any House League will play with a House League cohort.  In other words, there will still be a division between Rep and House League.  Having said that, depending on numbers, there may be a requirement to draw from House League.  Priority would be given to last year's Select players working our way through as required.

    Any new players returning from other leagues not sanctioned by OMHA will be placed in House League.  Any player active in any unsanctioned league past September 30, 2020 is ineligible to Register and play with HHMH in the 2020-21 Season.

    New players to Halton Hills Minor Hockey who played in a Hockey Canada sanctioned league last year, has the opportunity to be placed according to their previous division from their 2019-20 home centre.  Pending numbers in the Rep groupings, this would only be the case if there is room on the roster for them.  

    How will we Communicate with  You?

    1. This webpage
    Most COVID19 related information and associated links you will find on this page.  If there is any confusion, do not be afraid to reach out to one of us.  You can find email links here.

    Further, we may post updates on the newsfeed.  The latest newsfeeds are posted on the homepage.  

    We encourage everyone to keep themselves updated by looking at the website.

    2. Email
    When you Registered your player via the HHMH website, you would have filled out a form called, HHMH Player Registration Step 1.  Here, if you opted in, you provided a valid email.  If you did this, and your email is correct, you will receive emails as we go along.  We try to restrict these types of emails to important notices.  If you want to be on this list as you are not getting any emails, please click here.  Note, we are limited to how many emails in the database, so please we ask that one email per family.

    3. Social Media
    With timely updates, we also like to post on our Facebook page and Twitter.  If you follow us, it will help keep you updated.

    Remember, these methods are not always perfect.  If in doubt, reach out!



    Click the following links below for more information on individual programs and information:

    Rep Hockey

    • Sign up required for Stage 2 via HHMH website (exclusive of Hockey Registration). Having signed up for “Stage 1” does not automatically include you into “Stage 2” sign up.
    • No travel like in the past or any tournament play allowed.  Later in Stage 3, there may be limited travel within PHU.
    • Total league cohort shall not exceed 50 players.
    • Due to cohort requirements, we cannot accept special requests for player placement.
    • Players’ evaluations by previous coaches as well as division last year will be used for consideration for placement on balanced teams in league cohort.
    • New players to Halton Hills Minor Hockey who played in a Hockey Canada sanctioned league last year, has the opportunity to be placed according to their previous division from their 2019-20 home centre.  Pending numbers in the Rep groupings, this would only be the case if there is room on the roster for them.
    • Leagues of a maximum of 50 players will be of similar skill level.
    • Teams will consist of a maximum of 8 players plus 1 goalie. (4 to 5 teams per league) - Updated Sep 16, 20202 - Town of Halton Hills Facilities
    • If players need to be moved a division than previously played to top up a cohort, the movement can only be ‘up’ and not ‘down’.  Again, decisions will be based on coach evaluations from last year if required.  (Major/minor mix may be required.  TBD)
    • For practice two teams will be paired together to a maximum of 20 players for practice development, consisting of last year’s roster (including any top-up players).  For example, if Team 1 and Team 2 consist of U15 AA players, then during a practice Team 1 and Team 2 will practice as one group of 20.  For games, Team 1 and Team 2 will be split and bench staff will consist of Assistant Coaches for second team.
    • Maximum of 5 staff on the ice per practice.
    • 1 staff on bench during games (Coach/Trainer) - Updated Sep 16, 2020 - Town of Halton Hills Facilities
    • Games will be modified 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 hockey.  Modified rules are to use Hockey Canada Alternate Delivery Models guidelines.  Final rules will be determined, which may include, but not limited to, 2 periods run time, no contact (non-touch) play except for sticks, continuous play (change on the fly), no faceoffs and penalty shots for infractions.
    • 2-3 times on the ice on average a week, except for U18, which may be less.
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    House League Hockey

    First off…

    We are shouting out to all interested in coaching and being a trainer. Due to restrictions with COVID 19 we are required to have a coach and trainer on all benches for all games! Where this is important (or potentially forfeit a season) is with House League and Initiation Program. With an increase in teams due to the smaller size, we are going to need them. If you are interested, please sign up by clicking here.

    The Rest

    • Sign up required for Stage 2 via HHMH website (exclusive of Hockey Registration). Being signed up for “Stage 1” does not automatically include you into “Stage 2” sign up.
    • Will commence mid-October.
    • Team divisional play with a maximum of 50 players per division.
    • Due to cohort requirements, we cannot accept special requests for player placement.
    • Teams will consist of a maximum of 8 players plus 1 goalie. (4 to 5 teams per league) - Updated Sep 16, 20202 - Town of Halton Hills Facilities
    • Coach required on every bench! Trainers required for teams! We need volunteers. There is no crossover between divisions. See link above.  Only one Coach on the bench during games -- Updated Sep 16, 20202 - Town of Halton Hills Facilities
    • Games will be modified 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 hockey. Modified rules are to use Hockey Canada Alternate Delivery Models guidelines. Final rules will be determined, which may include, but not limited to, 2 periods run time, no contact (non-touch) play except for sticks, continuous play (change on the fly), no faceoffs and penalty shots for infractions.
    • U8 and U9 will still follow modified ice protocols as per Hockey Canada. However, no bumpers can be used due to health and safety protocols. Alternate methods will be used.
    • House League teams will continue to be drafted with the assistance of our experienced league coaches, convenors, and House League VP to ensure balance and parity. Having said that, this draft may be different this season in regards to in person coach draft.
    • Registration may allow for 1 game and 1 shared practice per week. (TBD… The House League schedule is currently in development.)
    • Travel and tournament play will not be permitted.
    • Select Program will not be possible due to health regulations. (mixing divisions, no travel).
    • Merging of age groups and levels may occur per division.
    • In some cohorts, and depending on registration numbers, goalies may be required to play 2 games per week.
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    Initiation Program

    Open to U6 and U7 only.  As COVID restrictions/protocols become less restrictive, we may be able to open the program up to U5 (4 year old) players.  

    With COVID protocols, coaches/staff are unable to physically assist your player when they fall to the ice.  All participants signing up for IP, must be able to skate the width of the ice without assistance.  If they fall, they must be able to get back up on their own and continue to skate.  In other words, they must be able to skate independently.  Therefore, the Initiation Program will be open to U6 and U7 players who were enrolled in the Initiation Program last season with HHMH or other sanctioned Initiation Program from another association, unless they attend the evaluation skate.  See newsfeed for sign up.  Even then, participation is not guaranteed. COVID trends pending, those players with limited skating ability may be accommodated later in the season with a second sign up.  This would be pending return to hockey protocols/restrictions being lifted.

    We are shouting out to all interested in coaching and being a trainer.  We require multiple coaches and at least one trainer (ideally two) for all sessions!  Where this is important is our numbers allowed for sign up may be limited due to lack of available volunteers.  With an increase in teams due to the limitation of players per session, we are going to need them.  If you are interested, please sign up by clicking here.  All coaching requirements can be done online to be able to facilitate the Initiation Program.  

    The Rest
    • Sign up required for Stage 2 via HHMH website (exclusive of Hockey Registration).
    • Will commence mid October.
    • Cohorts will be 24 players to 6 coaches.
    • Coaches cannot crossover in cohorts, therefore all programs will be pending qualified volunteers (both coach and trainer).
    • U6 and U7 that meet the above skating requirements, will be on the ice 1-2 times a week.
    • Modified ice development will still be conducted, however, may look different based on health and safety protocols. Bumpers will not be used to divide the ice. Alternate plans will be used.
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    Health and Safety Protocols - All Players and Staff

    Safety is our top priority. Health Regulations and protocols from all levels were required to be reviewed. This included from Province of Ontario down to Town of Halton Hills Facilities all encompassed with the protocols and guidelines from the OHF/OMHA, and Halton's Public Health Unit. Click here to access the HHMH 2020-2021 Safe Return to Hockey Plan.  It is imperative to understand that this a living document as processes and protocols will change as we go.  Keep yourself up to date with it!

    It is imperative that all members (players/parents/staff) adhere to all safety procedures and follow all rules in regard to this.  We do not want to be shut down!

    Screening and Contact Tracing will be required before entering any facility. There will be a two-step process.  One is for the ability to enter the Town of Halton Hills Facility (arena) and the other is required for contact tracing/health tracking as per OHF/OMHA requirements.

    1. Town of Halton Hills Procedure (applies to every INDIVIDUAL that is entering an arena):  By filling out the Halton Hills - Simple Track form online.  The form and process are self explanatory.  This must be done for every day that you are entering a Halton Hills Facility.

    Town of Halton Hills procedure: (Simple Track)

    All players, parents, volunteers must complete the simple track form every time they enter the arena.

    1) Click this link: Halton Hills - Simple Track 
    2) Fill out form
    3) Click submit
    4) Screen shot the green check mark, this check mark page.  This is to be shown to the arena ambassador at the faculty door to enter.

    2. OHF/OMHA Participants
    This process for Session Participation Tracking, for each on ice session, will have to be completed for all coaches, instructors and participants. Please visit this link to access the HHMH Health Screening Form for your appropriate team.

    Recommendations for the Trip to the Arena
    We suggest you bring a "safety kit" for your player which may include, hand sanitizer, extra bags for your mask, extra mask, sani-wipes, gloves, etc.

    Keep your child's equipment clean and sanitized between ice times.  Especially, undergarments, socks, jerseys, inside of gloves.  We are endeavouring to keep the spread minimal!

    Name on your water-bottle and wash after every use.

    New Medical Form

    Click here for new medical form.  New regulations require instructions are included to what are normal symptoms for your child when playing sports etc.  Please fill out a new form if you have not already done so to be presented to your manager/coach/convenor as applicable.

    Return to Play Illness Policy 
    Click here for Return to Play Illness Policy.  

    Travelling to the Rink with Gear
    Read this article here on travelling to the rink with car seats and hockey gear.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I’ve already Registered, why do I have to sign up for each Stage?  Why did I get a refund?  
    This is a good question.  In the past, registration (plus tryout card) pretty much took care of your “duties” to get signed up.  We had opened registration prior to COVID 19 for the 2020-21 Season.  When COVID hit, we had no idea how far this would reach, how long it would take, down to even if we would get the kids back on the ice.  When things started to unfold, we decided it was best to refund all monies that were paid because frankly, we had no idea what it would cost to play hockey with the new COVID restrictions and logistically it made sense to start from scratch with fees.  

    Having said that, Registration is a VITAL requirement by Hockey Canada.  Registering via Hockey Canada is the only way that Associations can ensure players are insured through Hockey Canada in case of injury, etc.  So, even though we didn’t ask for any money at the time, you must still register.

    Going further, we now had players registered, but really registered for anything in particular, except the fact that they want to play hockey in some form.  In the past, we would have tryouts and players selected for teams and the season moved forward.  Due to how the OHF is requiring us to start, we have to do sign up for a couple reasons.  1. We had to restrict numbers for the first piece due to availability of ice.  2.  With COVID reactions/protocols being fluid, it gave opportunity for people to change their mind (i.e. not sign up and play).

    So, it is very important that as we progress with each Stage at HHMH, each player will have to sign up via the webforms, when provided.  After that, we can determine fees and payments.


    I filled out HHMH Step 1 Registration on the website, does that mean I am registered?
    No, the Step 1 is part of a two-step process to register.  The reason we have you fill out that form, is that we are trying to stay ahead the best we can in communication.  The purpose of the form was to amass a master contact list (with emails) to allow us to have a valid email for timely communications, when required.  

    When you clicked “SUBMIT” it should have (or will) re-direct you to the Hockey Canada Registry website to officially register your player with HHMH.

    Remember, as per the above question, you must still sign up for each “Stage” as it comes out, when required.

    I’m not getting any communication via email, and others are, how come?
    If you provided a VALID email AND opted in for email communication when you registered your player using HHMH Step 1 form, you should receive emails from us when communications go out.  If you feel you should be getting these emails and you are not (i.e. when you find out your neighbour is getting them and you remember opting in) email [email protected] and enquire.

    It looks like other Associations are taking more liberties and can do more “stuff” than HHMH is proposing, what’s the deal?
    Every Hockey Canada/OHF sanctioned club must adhere to the same Return to Play rules as everyone else and those were developed working with the Provincial government. What you are likely hearing are rumours or half-truths or plans that have not been/will not be approved.  OMHA is our end governing body under the OHF and we are following all guidelines and restrictions they have imposed.  

    What about private facilities and these other unsanctioned leagues?  How are they offering different opportunities with far fewer restrictions?
    That appears to be true in many cases. These organizations are not sanctioned by Hockey Canada, the OHF, the GTHL, the Alliance or the OMHA and so many are using this opportunity to offer different, often riskier hockey opportunities. These private facilities, unsanctioned leagues and academies existed before COVID-19 and the rules are clear. If you are participating in most of these entities after September 30, you are unable to play for a Hockey Canada sanctioned league for 1 full year. More information on this can be found by clicking here.

    We are not really sure how COVID19 is playing out for us right now.  Can we wait until we see after a couple of weeks of school go by before we sign up for hockey?
    HHMH is committed to safety and we are doing our best to provide an opportunity for everyone to play at the same time balancing any apprehensions with moving forward.  This is why we are not “stepping on the ice” until September 21 and offered game play later in October.  This hopefully gives people time to decide whether they are willing to play or not.  Remember, however, that like everything else, there are no true guarantees and the situation is fluid.  Right now, there are fees for hockey itself until you commit by signing up for each stage.

    What type of COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place during the season?
    The list is long and thorough. While there is no way to eliminate all risks, our club and the Town facilities will be ensuring that all Provincially required protocols are in place and we will be doing our best to keep players and volunteers safe. In addition to this, the OMHA has introduced a mandatory “Return to Hockey Safely” course for all coaches, managers, and trainers for this season. Nothing is more important than keeping our players, volunteers, and their extended families safe.  You and your player(s) adherence to all protocols and procedures is vital as well.  We are stronger together.

    My child is sick or has been removed from the ice during participation.  What do I do?
    Answers are provided in the HHMH 2020-21 Safe Return to Hockey Plan.  Click here to access it.

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    Registration Instructions

    Registration Process for 2020-21 Season

    For effective communication with HHMH members, we are implementing a multi-step process for registration.

    1.  All Parent/Guardians on behalf of the players:
    If you are new to HHMH, please contact our Registrar first. Click for email.

    A. Click the link below to fill out Step 1 Form.
    B. Sign off on code of conduct (must be clicked as acknowledged)
    C. Sign off on Rowan's Law completion (must be clicked as acknowledged)
    D. Clicking submit on the form will take you to HCR registration page for Step 2.

    2. Registration with Hockey Canada:
    A. Remember all players must register before they can step on the ice for HHMH.  This registration does NOT automatically sign you up for individual programs above.
    B. Remember to sign up for each program above.  You should receive email communications regarding the signups etc if the email you gave in Step 1 above is valid.

    NOTE:  For registration, we are not accepting payment for hockey programs at this time.  Payment for individual programs will be done on a "as we go" basis.  Again, provided you have a valid email for sign up you will receive communication(s) for this.


    We are working through all the signups for Stage 2 and in the process of placing teams as per OMHA COVID guidelines.

    This does not necessarily mean spots are full, however, we ask if you are still interested to fill out the following form and once completed, we can determine if and where players are needed to complete cohorts.


    Forgot your Hockey Canada password?

    Unfortunately, we do not have access to your passwords or can reset it for Hockey Canada.  In order to recover/reset our password you can:

    1. Go to the Hockey Canada page via the blue button above (REGISTER NOW).
    2. Fill in the email address you used for signing in.
    3. Click the "Forgot your password?" link.


    Additional Information and Resources (Links)

    Hockey Canada and OHF General Information

    OMHA Links

    Town of Halton Hills, Province of Ontario, and Facilities Protocols

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