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Inclement Weather Procedures for Halton Hills Minor Hockey

Halton Hills Minor Hockey (HHMH) takes team safety seriously.  In the event of a inclement weather affecting hockey schedules, the following procedures will be used.

The Registrar will cancel games (or a practice) under the following circumstances:

1. When the arena is closed;

2. When roads to the arena are closed;

3.  When the other team has contacted the Ice Scheduler to say they aren't coming for safety concerns

HHMH is not in a position to make the call on whether or not a game should be cancelled because it is not safe to drive. Each individual, and by extension each team, needs to take responsibility for making that call themselves. 

To assist in making the decision you can check MTO road conditions.  As well, you can check The Weather Network.  

If a team decides they want to cancel a game because they feel it is not safe to drive, then HHMH is never going to override that decision. With that in mind, ensure you are making sure the decision is based on safety and not just convenience.  Safety should always be the first priority.  Also, whether HHMH or the team makes the decision to cancel a game or not, it is the right and responsibility of each individual family to make decisions regarding their own safety.

How to Cancel a Game

If the decision is to cancel due to weather conditions, the Coach or Manager is to contact the HHMH Ice Scheduler.  There is no set timeframe in making the decision to cancel a game.  Weather conditions can change dramatically within a couple of hours.  The key is to keep the lines of communication open.  If a team is considering this action, please contact the HHMH Ice Scheduler as early as possible.

The HHMH Ice Scheduler will coordinate with the opposing team's association.  Coaches or Manager are not to contact the opposing team directly.  Coordinating through our Ice Scheduler ensures that all required parties (Referees, Teams, Arenas) are properly notified.

If a Game is Cancelled

When any opposing team's association contacts the HHMH Ice Schedular to inform them that a game is cancelled, the HHMH Coach and applicable Manager will be contacted via e-mail. Further, dependent on access to a computer, the game will be marked as cancelled on the Association's Calendar. 

All team members are encouraged to subscribe to the Team Calendar and notifications on the website.  This will provide an e-mail or text notification if any game/practice is cancelled via the website.

The game will be rescheduled as soon as the two affected Associations can work out a date.

Ice Scheduler Contact

Geraldine Hardcastle
Ice s
[email protected]
(905) 873-1600